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Arizona Fine Time Picks from Watches 2024 – Must-Haves in Your Collection

22/05/2024 | JSA Support

In 2024, watches offer much more than just seeing the time. They are about style, authenticity, a good personality, as well as how watches are made. Moreover, multiple types of functions and trends in watches have been introduced, which makes watches look cool and classy. As a lot of people love old-fashioned watches and accessories, they still make them stand apart from the crowd. If you want to experience something special, then read on to learn more about Arizona fine time picks from watches 2024.

1.    Accutron 28A208 DNA Casino Electrostatic

The Accutron DNA Casino collection is one of the best watches out there in 2024 and it is known to make a futuristic and bold statement through the colors that are being offered. With shades of green, blue, orange and red, this watch has an open face design along with a smooth forward glide and a stainless-steel case in grey finishing. Moreover, did you know what specialty the watch offers? As soon as the clock strikes 12, the second hand automatically stops working after 5 minutes of non-activity. Along with being water resistant, the watch also has green accents on the outer ring and a grey finish with the Accutron logo.

2.    Alpina AL220PI2AE6B Extreme Quartz Pink Dial

Alpina, which is known for creating high-quality and timeless pieces, has one of the most elegant extreme quartz pink dials for women, which is strong, sturdy, and reliable. This particular watch has been designed to be able to withstand even the toughest conditions while being stylish and comfortable to wear at the same time. Offering a triangular pattern, with silver baton indices, including the hour, minute, and second hands. The second hand also features red detailing, along with the glass have ant-scratch features which help protect the dial.

Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar

The automation of the Frederique Constant FC-775G4NH6B Highlife Perpetual Calendar of Manufacture Automatic exemplifies luxury and precision in watchmaking. As the calendar complication is so finely crafted, you don’t need to adjust it until the year 2100, with it displaying the day, date, and month, even considering the different lengths of the months and leap year.

The watch is driven by its internal i-309 movement, making it a very reliable and precise automatic. Displaying the cold polished stainless steel with the interestingly visible complex mechanism as its beauty is an exceptional combination. The sapphire crystal shows an oscillating rotor adorned with stripes observable in detail with a Geneva pattern. A combination of novel, originality and tradition, it goes around the place like a nip in the air.

4.    Seiko Prospex SPB433 Night Vision Sumo Limited Edition

The black case of the Seiko Sumo Limited Edition SPB433 combines uncompromising robustness and elegance at the same time. This watch will come with this strong look from the famous Prospex lineup, created for the daring ones. Its all-black appearance gives off a feel of aesthetic and elegance, which means that this watch can be styled in whatever way you want.

The case measures 45 mm in diameter and is made from stainless steel, which offers good scratch resistance, with a unidirectional rotating bezel. Furthermore, it is protected by a sapphire crystal on both the front and back sides. For more than 130 years, Seiko has had a rich history and vast experience; they have used their recalibrations on the Seiko unique 6R35 auto caliber that gives the smartwatch up to 70 hours of power reserve. It has 200m water resistance, and the hands and markers are storm-illuminated, meaning it has unmatched legibility and functionality under dark conditions.

5.    Ball Roadmaster Rescue Chronograph

Introducing the Ball Ice Blue Roadmaster Rescue Chronograph, an embodiment of both precision and resilience. This product is made with impact and dive-ability in mind, and yet features a modern aesthetic and function that are just right for adventure outdoor and emergency activities.

Contained in stainless steel, its elaborately jeweled dial emits a distinctive charm, garnished with high-end luminous hands and markers for utmost readability. The new one has a stopwatch function, a robust automatic movement that maintains correct timekeeping, and multiple practical features. Being waterproof till 100 meters of depth with scratch free anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, it could stand even the most inclement weather while being stylish, a must-have accessory. So, if you’re looking for this watch, Arizona Fine Time is where you should shop at.

6.    Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Auto 36mm

The Hamilton H76215850 Khaki Aviation Pilot Auto 36mm Automatic Silver Dial boasts of original aviation design with contemporary precision. Immersed in the world of stainless steel, its 36mm diameter gives off a balanced feeling of being on your wrist. The eye-catching silver dial designed with bright hands and markers displays excellent visibility even in low-light conditions.

The movement drives a powerful automatic movement and hence allows for precise timekeeping of both the pilot and the enthusiast. It has a window date of 6 o'clock and a strong sapphire dial; it simultaneously shows functionality and style. The Khaki Aviation Pilot Auto is a classic in Hamilton's long-standing line of aviation watches, characterized by its extraordinary elegance and continued performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does water resistance refer to in watches?

Water resistance confirms the watch's capability to be submerged under water. Rating, usually in meters or atmospheres, defines the depth at which a dive watch is good. For example, 50m prevents splash while 200m suits swimming.

Q2. What makes watch movements to be different from one another?

The basic movement modules include quartz, mechanical, and automatic, which are responsible for timekeeping. Quartz movement utilizes battery-powered quartz crystals as the exacting principle. Manual action is performed by winding the mainspring and the balance wheel.

Q3. How to ensure the precision and precision of watches?

Make sure to avoid extreme temperatures, shocks, and magnetic fields. Proper storage, following water resistance guidelines, and rinse after salt water exposure as well. These methods will guarantee that the watch works well for a long time.


Now that you have been through the details of the watches, you can shop the collection available at Arizona Fine Time exactly according to what you like and what your requirements are.