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Discover the History of Accutron Watches: A Complete Collection Guide

09/07/2024 | JSA Support

Accutron watches have been admired for both technology and design since they are original Accutron timepieces. Accutron was established in 1960 and got into the records as a producer of the world’s initial fully electronic watch. Innovation has not abated with the electrostatic energy movement remaining key to the brand’s location. Thus this article has a detailed description so you can discover the history of Accutron Watches: A Complete Collection Guide. 


Accutron DNA Casino Electrostatic Collection 


Accutron DNA Casino Electrostatic Collection is best known for having a one-inch LCD screen, an operating frequency of 360 kHz, a power source of battery, a coating/orbital of electrostatic tephra, and a case material of stainless steel. It has been priced at $194 US for the men’s watch model, these watches are available in bright colours of green, blue, orange, and red, they are as ‘future forward’ as watches can be given their technical and mechanical innovations. 

New features in each watch are the electrostatic energy movement of Accutron, which allows precise timing of the second’s hand movement. The dials are kept transparent and have an open-work design, thus these watches are both fashionable and functional as they give a peek into the detailed engineering. 


 Key Features: 


  • Electrostatic energy movement 
  • Open-work dial 
  • Bold color options inspired by Las Vegas 


Accutron Spaceview 2020 Collection 


The Accutron Spaceview 2020 collection recreates the famous Spaceview model with the help of the latest technology. The watch comes with electrostatic movement which works with electrostatic generators. 

The design of the Spaceview 2020 is distinguished by an open backside, thanks to which the owner of the watch will be able to see the details of the mechanism. In general, this collection is inspired and dedicated to the Spaceview model but at the same time, it is somewhat more modern. 


Key Features 


  • Transparent dial 
  • Electrostatic energy movement 
  • Contemporary re-interpretation of a classic style 


Accutron DNA Turbine Collection 


The Accutron DNA Turbine collection speaks of the electrostatic energy applied to the wristwatches by its turbine system. This collection is aimed at lovers of mechanics who value simplicity and high technology at the same time. 

Even the tiny turbine that serves as the watch’s face is not only aesthetic, but the piece works as it produces power for the watch. These watches come in different types of material, including rose gold and gunmetal and therefore are fashionable in society. 


Key Features


  • Electrostatic energy movement with the help of a turbine system 
  • There are a variety of finishes of this timepiece such as rose gold finish and gunmetal finish
  • Bold and intricate design


Accutron Spaceview Limited Edition 18kt Gold  


Accutron is one of the leading producers of wristwatches, so, we had to mention this one as a part of our guide. The Accutron Spaceview Limited Edition 18kt Gold is a delight for collectors and; enthusiasts. This limited edition watch came out in honor of the company’s 60 years and was produced in only 60 pieces. There is a gold quality 18 kt used in the casing of the timepiece, electrostatic movement is also used, and the dial is transparent as it maintains the look of the series. Each of the watches is marked with a unique number, and thus, many people prefer to have them as a watch collection asset. 


Key Features


  • Limited to 60 pieces 
  • 18kt gold casing 
  • Electrostatic energy movement 
  • Individually numbered 


Accutron Astronaut 1968 Recreation GMT Limited Edition 


The Accutron Astronaut 1968 Recreation GMT Limited Edition reproduces the “T” model version of Astronaut. This watch has a DAY/NIGHT bezel and it reminds the historical model dated back to the adoption of the Co-Axial Escapement technology. It has the charm of vintage appeal and a dose of modernity with the enhancements, besides, it is a limited edition watch, which makes it even more appealing. The GMT functioning is applied with usefulness and thus is perfect for travelers and enthusiasts. 


Key Features


  • DAY/NIGHT bezel 
  • Limited edition 
  • GMT functionality 
  • Tribute to the 1968 Astronaut model 


Accutron Electrostatic Spaceview 2020 Stainless Bracelet  


The Accutron Electrostatic Spaceview 2020 Stainless Bracelet, is favoured much by people because of its reliability and precision. The watch has electrostatic energy which makes sure that the power saving function operates efficiently and it automatically stops at 12 o clock after 5 minutes of non-activity. Moreover, the stainless design and case come with a stamped Accutron logo and a turbine design on the back of the case. 


Key Features


  • Stainless steel case 
  • Silver-tone dial 
  • Chained strap with double pressure closure 
  • Water resistant up to 50M 


Accutron Electrostatic Spaceview 2020 Charcoal Calf  


The Accutron Electrostatic Spaceview 2020 Charcoal Calf is the watch that is unique to the Accutron line with its electrostatic movement, intricately designed engineered motor, and turbine system that generates power.  

This watch has been designed to feature the uniqueness of men and how the watch dial has a transparent outer ring with light green super luminous markers, white hour and minute hands, and an orange second hand. Moreover, the watch comes with a stainless steel watch case and the watch has a unique and elegant look to it, which makes the watch stand out amongst the crowd and those around. 


 Key Features 


  • Stainless steel case 
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal 
  • Modern movement and materials used 



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are Accutron watches water-resistant? 


If you’re wondering whether Accutron watches are water-resistant or not, you should know that these watches are water-resistant. However, the level of water resistance varies from model to model. In this situation, you need to check the specifications of each model and make sure whether the watch is water-resistant or not. 


Q2. How do I maintain my Accutron watch? 


If you want to maintain your Accutron watch properly, then make sure that you avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, as well as chemicals. Moreover, you should also take care of its regular servicing by a professional to make sure that the watch lasts for a longer period of time. Also, the frequency of your use also depends on the measures you should follow for maintaining the watch. 


Q3. What is the importance of electrostatic energy movement? 


The electrostatic energy movement in Accutron watches powers the timepiece using electrostatic generators. This innovative technology ensures high precision and a smooth second-hand motion, setting Accutron apart from traditional mechanical and quartz watches. 




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