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Explore Baume et Mercier: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Watches and History

09/07/2024 | JSA Support

The Baume et Mercier brand, founded in 1830, has become a legend in the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. Over the years, the brand has been featured with quality timepieces that suit different occasions and markets. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Baume et Mercier and explore Baume et Mercier, a comprehensive guide to their watches and history. 


Timeline of Baume et Mercier 


 Baume et Mercier was established in 1830 by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume with the help of their mothers in Les Bois, a small village in the Jura region of Switzerland. In this case, their phrase “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality” has remained their operational motto for almost two centuries. In the same year, 1918, the company was associated with Paul Mercier and thus formed Baume et Mercier. The Baume brothers provided the technical know-how and the aesthetic sense of Mercier and, thus, produced the timepieces that were elegant and personified. 

 From the historical background analysis, it was observed that Baume et Mercier has never been left behind in innovation. In 1919, they received the “Poinçon de Genève” Award, being recognized as one of the most superior and innovative watch brands. In the 20th century, the brand went on to develop new models and collections to assess the modification that was going on in the global market and the hearts of watch lovers. 


Baume et Mercier Classima Quartz Date 


The Classima Quartz Date is one of the simplest yet elegant timepieces in the current market. This watch comes with a 42mm full stainless steel case and a white face with Roman numerals that looks quite simplistic. The quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping, while the date feature is useful. Finally, the band of the watch is black leather, providing it with a professional yet comfortable look that is best suited for official as well as casual use.


Baume et Mercier Riviera Pink Dial Ladies Watch 


The model that may be considered a hallmark of Riviera Pink Dial belongs to the Baume et Mercier line. This watch oozes elegance and modernity owing to the pink dial and matching stainless steel buckle. The case diameter of 36mm will suit those who like to wear wristwatches slightly smaller, and the power reserve makes it very functional. Apart from the timekeeping function, this watch also has a date display option and is waterproof up to 50 meters. 


Baume et Mercier Riviera Two Tone Titanium 


Riviera Two Tone Titanium is a particular and elegant watch that seizes the imagination and takes functionality to the next level of style. This is a timepiece that has a case diameter of 42mm and is made out of both titanium and stainless steel, which gives the watch its distinct two-tone outlook. The clear blue dial conceals the beams and markers that glow in the darkness to give a more sophisticated look. Being an automatic watch, this has a date complication and can be submerged in water up to depths of 100 meters. The two-tone bracelet is the final touch to the entire look, which makes it appropriate to be worn on any occasion. 


Baume et Mercier Riviera Tideograph Limited Edition


 Riviera Tideograph Limited Edition is one of the most attractive models and popular brands of watches. Following the tradition of a restricted edition timepiece, this watch is created for the connoisseurs of elegance and utility. This is complemented with a blue dial insert that is equipped with tidegraph, which is very useful for sailors as the case measures 43mm in diameter and is constructed from stainless steel. This way the piece can automatically arrange the hours and the rubber strap gives the piece a sporty feel. It is also a good watch for collectors and for those people who have a close relation to the world of the sea. 


Baume et Mercier Hampton Black Dial Steel Quartz  


The Hampton Black Dial Steel Quartz is one of those spectacular creations of Baume et Mercier that reflect its adherence to fashion and accuracy. The watch model is a 31mm rectangular stainless steel –ten shaped two tone with black dial and silver tone hands and Markers. The quartz chronograph movement is incorporated, making it precise in time, and the stainless steel bracelet makes it classy. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where does the exclusivity of Baume et Mercier watches lie in relation to the competitors? 


 As for the choice of the customer, Baume et Mercier is famous for its combination of classical aesthetics and high technologies. Established in 1830, the brand targets a refined, practical, and highly accurate watch. Every piece of time-keeping device is manufactured carefully and incorporates both fine and sophisticated materials with the exclusive craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking. In line with their aspiration, watches in collections such as Riviera and Classima are a testament to the brand’s vision of elegant and essentials, where every timepiece would not only look good but would also need to be sturdy and reliable. 


 Q2. Are the watches created by Baume et Mercier suitable for wearing every day? 


 Yes, watches manufactured by Baume et Mercier company are known to be elegant and, at the same time, quite practical, so you can wear them every day. Day-to-day fashion accessories with elegance and toughness are represented in Classima Quartz Date and Hampton Black Dial Steel Quartz models. These are essential aspects like wear resistance, the material, and reliable movements that can accommodate a person’s everyday tasks while still keeping up with elegance. 


 Q3. What should I do so I can increase the life of my Baume et Mercier watch? 


 But to make your Baume et Mercier watch last long, you have to service it every now and then. It is recommended that your watch be taken to a professional for a check-up and possible repair after every 3-5 years of use. Make sure that it is free from dust and moisture, and wipe the watch with a soft cloth. It is also important not to subject the watch to very high and low temperatures, magnetic fields, and any chemicals that are relatively very harsh. If the watch is water-resistant, always screw down the crown to make sure it is water-resistant again. Storing the watch in a dry and cool place when not for use also contributes to its condition.




Baume et Mercier not only offers a rich history for the watches it has, but it is known for their dedication to the excellence and the evidence of the unique work in each of their timepieces. Whether you are a seasoned collector or someone who has fallen in love with watches over time, you will love the collection that they have to offer. Moreover, if you are in search of some exclusive pieces that help you stand out, Baume et Mercier can be an excellent choice to opt for. So if you want to shop any of their watches, check out Arizona Fine Time right away!