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The History and Collections of Ateliers DeMonaco Watches

09/07/2024 | JSA Support

Ateliers DeMonaco luxury brand timepieces have to be among the finest timepieces on the market- borne out of exclusive craftsmanship. Established in 2008, the brand manages to mix both classic watchmaker’s art and modern technology to create some extraordinary and beautiful watches. The five collections provided in this guide explore the beauty and creativity that is a part of Ateliers DeMonaco, so if you want to learn more about Timeless Luxury: The History and Collection of Ateliers DeMonaco Watches, then this guide is ideal for you. 


 Ateliers DeMonaco Tourbillon Oculus  


The Tourbillon Oculus collection can be considered as one of the masterpieces that prove the brand’s commitment to accuracy and aesthetics. The most noticeable characteristic of this series is the exclusive “eXtreme Precision 1-minute” tourbillon, which helps to decrease the impact of gravity on timekeeping. GM’s design principles are applied in the low jewelry collection with a sapphire tourbillon bridge and silicium escape wheel which is not only artistic but also practical. Every one of the watches in this collection speaks of handcrafting, and the 22K gold hand-engraved rotor.  


Key Features


  • Movement: Automatic with in-house made patented tourbillon. 
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours 
  • Materials: A titanium case is used and then there is a sapphire tourbillon bridge. 
  • Decoration: Chamfered bridges, hand-engraved 22 Karat gold rotor 


Ateliers DeMonaco Ronde de Monte Carlo 


 As for the Ronde de Monte Carlo collection, it is named after one of the most popular and opulent locations – Monaco. This collection is marked by the rigorous design and fine manufacturing process that was applied. Dauphine's hands are used and the dials have a guilloche finish on them while it sports a polished stainless steel case. These watches have a water resistance of up to thirty bar or 3 ATMs and as such, can be worn on different occasions no matter what kind of event or occasion you are heading out for. 


 Key Features


  • Movement: Automatic 
  • Power Reserve: 38 hours 
  • Materials: Stainless steel case; guilloche dial 
  • Design: Dauphine hands, polished case/Anti-glare crystal and movement/High-quality leather strap 


DeMonaco Admiral Chronographe Flyback Saphire Ateliers  


This line of watch known as the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Sapphire is a clear portrayal of innovation in chronograph technology by Ateliers DeMonaco. This collection also includes a flyback chronograph mechanism instantly resettable and iterable on the instrument. Sapphire crystal caseback allows to observe the mechanical movement of the caliber as well as open-worked 22K rose gold hand-engraved rotor. 


Key Features 


  • Automatic with flyback chronograph 
  • Power reserve of 38 hours 
  • Sapphire crystal case back 
  • Patented flyback for functionality 


The DeMonaco Admiral Chronographe Flyback Saphir in Rose Gold Ateliers  


Just like the former model, the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Saphir Rose Gold model integrates the possibility of the flyback chronograph and rose gold accent. It has an 18K rose gold case which gives the watch a beautiful look and the patented chronograph is the perfect way to record time. The movement is exquisitely hand-decorated and visible through the sapphire crystal case back thus underlining the brand’s philosophy of perfection. 


 Key Features


  • Movement: Automatic with fly-back chronograph 
  • Power Reserve: 38 hours 
  • Materials: This model is an 18K rose gold case with a sapphire crystal case back. 
  • Design: 22K gold rotor that is hand-engraved 


DeMonaco Ronde de Monte Carlo Classique White Gold Diamonds  


DeMonaco Ronde de Monte Carlo Classique White Gold Diamonds is an ideal of luxury watch manufacturing that has no match on the market. This collection consists of cases made of 18K white gold that is studded with as many as 300 diamonds in total, 1. 33 carats. Features such as the intricate guilloché dial, the dauphine hands and the polished case are features that reinforce a book of glamour. As the models discussed earlier, both watches have 42 hours of power reserve, and they are set to automatic movement systems. 


 Key Features 


  • Movement: Automatic 
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours 
  • Materials: White gold 18 thousand cases studded with 300 diamonds 
  • Design: The sub-dial used is guilloche and the hands used are dauphine  



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What distinguishes Ateliers DeMonaco watches from other luxury watch brands? 


Various types of Ateliers DeMonaco watches are regarded as those, which combine the age-old art of watch making with contemporary technology. Such unique elements as the tourbillon, the fly-back chronograph functions, and other engravings are the main characteristics here. So, if you’re looking for something unique and special that stands out, these watches can be your go-to. 


 Q2. Can I wear Ateliers DeMonaco watches for work or for any other normal day occasion? 


 Indeed, most of the Ateliers DeMonaco watches including the Ronde de Monte Carlo and Admiral Chronographe Flyback Saphir overlays sophistication with sturdiness and you can wear them for formal occasions and other demanding activities as well. So, if you want to impress anyone or even give a gift to them, this watch should be a part of your list.


 Q3. What is the recommended care of the Ateliers DeMonaco watch? 


 However, it should be noted that frequent servicing by a professional is advised. Special attention should be paid not to expose the watch to such factors as high temperature, magnetic field, and chemical products to maintain its working capability and attractive look. 




Ateliers DeMonaco watches are a perfect blend of timeless innovation and craftsmanship so if you’re looking for a brand that offers versatility, these watches come with their own unique features. Moreover, each of the timepieces is a work of art, reflecting the brand's dedication to creating luxury watches which stand the test of time. So, if you want to get your hands on some fine pieces from DeMonaco, then you should check out what Arizona Fine Time has to offer right away!