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A TUDOR watch lives. Pulsates. It will take you into the world of micro-precision. The high technology in all components are relentlessly tested to the smallest detail… to the point of obsession. Examine the movement. Aesthetics and performance fit for the most demanding of products, designed for endurance as much as pleasure. Pleasing to the eye and exciting to the mind, this precision mechanism will withstand the rigours of time. Exceptional materials, durability and strength of design make each watch a unique object.

A TUDOR watch means reliability. Rediscover the traditional art of hand craftsmanship with a love of detail and perfection. Quality materials. Rigorous quality control. Meticulous craftsmanship builds each watch and brings it to life. With a calm patience and an appreciation of precision built on the skill of years.

Every single component of the watch commands admiration. Every phase of the assembly, every technical solution is focussed on one thing alone: your total satisfaction in an object of absolute precision. Throughout the design and production phases, every TUDOR watch is meticulously checked to ensure perfection. Every single watch - not just random examples - is submitted to strict waterproofness tests. The eyes of dozens of skilled experts make sure that the watch that will finally adorn your wrist - under your own watchful scrutiny - will give you complete aesthetic pleasure.

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